What is the #DefendDACA Day of Action all About?

With today, August 15th, 2017, being the day of action for #DefendDACA, we thought it appropriate to have a post explaining a little more about DACA and what is currently happening. Let’s dive in.

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Free Speech – A Right Everywhere but College Campuses?

Free speech is one of America’s most treasured rights recognized by the United States Constitution. Issues surrounding free speech have always been somewhere in the news, but recently free speech rights on college campuses have gotten a seat on the national stage. Although events like Milo Yiannopoulos and Ann Coulter at Berkley or Ben Shapiro at UW or Charles Murray at Middlebury are important, they are not Continue reading Free Speech – A Right Everywhere but College Campuses?

What the Heck is Going on with Healthcare?

Healthcare. We are all pretty sick of only hearing about tweets, Russia and healthcare reform in the news. What is the deal with the reform and in what ways can it impact us? If the current repeal and replace efforts fail, what are the alternatives? What exactly is the single payer system? Universal healthcare? Medicaid for all? Is there a difference between all these terms? Let’s take a deep dive into this and figure it out together.. Continue reading What the Heck is Going on with Healthcare?

Sex Offenders, Social Media and Freedom of Speech

On June 19th, 2017 the Supreme Court ruled that restricting sex offenders access to social media platforms children have access to was unconstitutional. Some organizations throughout the country are fighting to lessen restrictions on sex offenders because many of the restrictions make it difficult for them to continue to live their lives normally after they have served their sentence. ( Continue reading Sex Offenders, Social Media and Freedom of Speech

The Continual Conflict

Conflicts of interest have been making their way into the public eye even more so than usual for the last year due to the uniqueness of the last presidential election. Throughout the election, every group attempted to shine a light on conflicts of interests on all sides. Since Trump’s promise to “drain the swamp” what has been happening? What are the legislative movements? Administrative movements? Social movements? Let’s take a look at what constitutes as a conflict of interest and how it has been influencing our political system and lives as of late. Continue reading The Continual Conflict

When ‘Pro Life’ Bills Go Too Far.

Many bills recently proposed simply go way too far when it comes to women’s rights and decisions. I think the people (mostly men) who are writing these bills often forget bills limiting women’s rights and options when it comes to their bodies are not “abortion crusaders” but restricting access and forcing a completely unfair narrative on people without knowing a single thing about their circumstance. I truly believe Continue reading When ‘Pro Life’ Bills Go Too Far.