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Wrapping up the last months in college is probably the most gut wrenching time you experience while you’re young. Not only is the daunting fact that you have to be a real person with real responsibilities in the real world in a few short months, but you have to decide what to do with yourself.

I’ve spent three and a half years at the University of Denver soaking up every bit of information as possible, but somehow neglected to wring out all of that information and see what I loved about it and why. Weird metaphor I know..what I am really trying to say is, how after three and a half years of studying (mostly) things that I absolutely loved and ignited my fire could I have been so lost when it came the rest of eternity? I know, I know -eternity is dramatic. But thats what it feels like right now. We have to pick our eternity.

chicken-littleNot to mention that your life the last few months of college is a constant alteration between thinking you are on top of everything and going good, amazing places and then feeling like the sky is falling and you are never going to figure anything out. In the midst of trying to not have a chicken little moment, I want to share some advice from a quote that I recently found that is beyond applicable for the rest of eternity.


Advice from a sunflower: Be outstanding in your field. Hold your head high. Spread seeds of happiness. Feed the birds. Stay on the sunny side. Keep growing.

For those of you that know me, obviously I draw inspiration from a sunflower. But I think this quote is close to everything to aspire to be and do throughout life. I am going to write a series of posts about each of these quotes and how I would apply them sometimes to the job search and others just general life rules.


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