Turning Moments of Inconvenience and Frustration into ones of Surprise and Delight?

Session Title: Marketing to Moments that Matter : Audio Recording Link

Abstract: Ann Mack from Facebook IQ spoke to changing ditial marketing and advertising to marketing to people online through the moments that matter to them in their lives. We used to live in a mass media world, but the way our mobile and connected devices have influenced our type and delivery of media, we can no longer use “mass” media and hope to have an impact. Marketers used to buy based solely on contextual rAnn-Mack_web.jpgelevance but now marketers can reach people based off on passions, interest and behaviors thanks to mobile marketing. This change from marketing to our audiences in a mass way to a personal way is the future of having a real, true impact on your role as a brand in your consumer’s lives. Continue reading Turning Moments of Inconvenience and Frustration into ones of Surprise and Delight?


Moments are having their Moment

Session Title: Advertising and the IoT Era : Audio Recording Link

Abstract: Marketers and advertisers now have the duty to society to market to people through moments in order to improve their
lives and build brand relationships. People are achievement oriented and this is spilling over into all aspects of their lives as part of the “connected” generation. Mobile, no matter what device you are interacting with, is about a series of moments within connected devices via apps or mobile sqfpMnJGYites. We, as brand makers, need to change our focus of delighting, gifting and thanking someone in the right moment. By delivering something of value while capitalizing on positivity and happiness of connected people, we can bring advertising to a new era of relevance and true value. Brian Wong and his company Kiip are driving this movement.

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