Turning Moments of Inconvenience and Frustration into ones of Surprise and Delight?

Session Title: Marketing to Moments that Matter : Audio Recording Link

Abstract: Ann Mack from Facebook IQ spoke to changing ditial marketing and advertising to marketing to people online through the moments that matter to them in their lives. We used to live in a mass media world, but the way our mobile and connected devices have influenced our type and delivery of media, we can no longer use “mass” media and hope to have an impact. Marketers used to buy based solely on contextual rAnn-Mack_web.jpgelevance but now marketers can reach people based off on passions, interest and behaviors thanks to mobile marketing. This change from marketing to our audiences in a mass way to a personal way is the future of having a real, true impact on your role as a brand in your consumer’s lives.


The Session:

Marketers have had to accept in the last four years that the traditional ways of marketing no longer work for realistically targeting their audience’s. The world is now moving from mass produced moments, like the Super Bowl, Holidays and others, to the smaller moments that people are manufacturing for themselves that more personal and matter more to the audience. Ordinary moments are changing into something more extraordinary because marketers can now participate in and enhance these moments for the audiences they interact with. Finding the right peep holes and the right moments has never made it easier to leverage and capitAnn-Mack_web.jpgalize on these “moments that matter”. We consume these types of moments all day long in our news feeds.

Understanding the magnitude, motivations and meaning behind these moments will allow advertisers to deliver experiences that matter more to audiences, thus making their content more memorable and successful. People want to share everything about their lives now ranging from new babies to families to life mile stones to their weekend recipes. We are in the habit of now “Sharing from the preparation, to the bakinAnn-Mack_web.jpgg to the piece de résistance” –Ann Mack. There are different people, with different messages and different needs on different days that the advertiser has to all get right to ultimately be successful. Often this includes reconciling two sides of issues or goals like the two parts of summer: relaxing and getting in shape which clearly contradict themselves.

You can also find ways to access people at times that you previously could not. Now days, for new parents, feeding time = mobile time = the most active time for these people on mobile. New parents over index on everything besides check ins. New moms post way more videos, statuses, shares and photos. Through targeting parents at these times, you can take something that is a moment of inconvenience and frustration into one of surprise and delight.  In order to do this, you need to do three things.

  1. Be personal – understand more about these to make them mater more
  2. Be precise – have to stand out amongst all of the other moments that people are consuming every second. Right creative, to right person at the right time
  3. Be persistent – develop persistent mobile strategies

We need understand more about how people process frequent moments.  They process moments in both neurological and physiological ways. People are more attentive and feel more positive about content consumed on a mobile screen because on TVs, brains need to work harder to consume content. There are no differences in emotional feelings for mobile verses television because people like to and are used to consuming moments on both different mediums. People unlock their phone 150 times a day on average, so advertisers need to turn ordinary moments into extraordinary moments by. With the help of being personal, precise and persistent, we can learn how to we leverage and find the extraordinary in the ordinary. When you understand what matters to people, you can be what matters to them.


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