Immigration – What is our Duty?

42.2 million – the number of people in the United States in 2014 who were  classified as immigrants. From the first indigenous people crossing the ice bridge to North America to European expansion to now with people from all over the world, the US has always been a land of immigration. There have been policies and acts throughout the years that reflect the time period, societal need, customs and political perceptions during that era. Immigration has always been a hot issue, and between the election coming up in November and the Syrian refugee crisis, the light is shining on it more than ever. Continue reading Immigration – What is our Duty?


The Right of Freedom of Religion or Freedom from Discrimination?

Religious freedom vs. anti discrimination is a tug of war that has engulfed our lives through social movements and the media since the 1960s beginning with feminism, racism and gay rights. Since then, there have been countless moves forward in an attempt to understand where the line lies between giving people their religious freedom and protecting different classes of people from the discrimination sometimes perpetuated by the religions which we so value the freedom to practice. Continue reading The Right of Freedom of Religion or Freedom from Discrimination?

Wanted: A Pulse and a Pell

“A Pulse and a Pell” is the goal of Education Management Corporation (or EDMC) according to attorney Harry Litman. For those of you who don’t know, “a Pell” refers to the Pell Grant scholarship from the federal government given to many citizens to pay for part of college. For-Profit colleges have been experiencing a massive wave of litigation and regulation to “crack down” on practices many citizens and politicians deem unethical, and even illegal. Continue reading Wanted: A Pulse and a Pell