Adoption Law and Religious Freedom.

Adoption is an incredibly time and resource intensive process. From finding adoption agencies, to filling out the massive amounts of paperwork, to extreme vetting to ensure children go to a safe home, to homestudies, to pre and post placement, it can take couples anywhere between two and seven years to adopt a child in the United States. Laws have changed throughout the last century to increase access and opportunity for families looking to adopt children. In recent years, however, some states have been passing bills that decrease access and opportunity to families looking to provide children a safe, loving home. Continue reading Adoption Law and Religious Freedom.


Update on the Voting Rights Act

Voting rights have been taking the news cycles by storm due to Trump’s establishment of a “Presidential Commission on Election Integrity”. If you are looking for a more in-depth post about the history of the voting rights please read this post and for information on the “National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC)” please read this post. This is an update for the current conversation surrounding voting rights and Trump’s new commission.

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