Advice from a 1

Wrapping up the last months in college is probably the most gut wrenching time you experience while you’re young. Not only is the daunting fact that you have to be a real person with real responsibilities in the real world in a few short months, but you have to decide what to do with yourself. Continue reading Advice from a 1


Why UAV is Good for Small Business.

After the FAA’s release of their Proposed Rules for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems in February 2015, many small businesses have been further pressuring the administration to hurry with passing the actual rules and regulations for sUAS. UAS has the unmeasurable and unknown potential to positively effect the world and these regulations are vital in implementing drone business in a safe, appropriate and pragmatic way. Continue reading Why UAV is Good for Small Business.

When Hate Cannot Be Heritage.

Heritage: the traditions, achievements, beliefs, ect., that are part of the history of a group or nation. The recent “debate” over the confederate flag is one that should have been over many years ago. There is no way that this symbol of extreme hate and ghastly times in our country’s history can be any part of the heritage that we want to preserve, celebrate or revere here in the United States of America. Continue reading When Hate Cannot Be Heritage.

Love is About Hearts, Not Parts.

Same-sex equality and marriage is always a buzzing topic all around the country and world. Last year I took a post to to look at the different stances of the matter and where the process of full same-sex marriage legalization was all around America. For the piece I’d like to examine where we are this year with rights and marriage and talk about my feelings on the issue. Continue reading Love is About Hearts, Not Parts.